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Best Professional SEO Expert India – Webpage speed is the time that a page takes to load its content on the web. Higher is the speed, better is the chance of people visiting your website, lower is the speed, lesser is the chances of a visit to the website. The webpages and websites, that load quickly receive more traffic while those with more load time, lose their traffic immediately. If your web page is taking more than 3 seconds to load, then you will need to make improvements to get back your lost traffic

The below points will give an idea about how to improve web page speed:

  • Optimize Images 

    You can optimize your images by reducing image size. Though images are an essential element of a website, too many heavy images can lead to an increase in web page load time. The bigger the image, heavier would its size, that will drop the page loading speed by a considerable amount that can be the reason for increased user bounce rate. When your webpage takes time to load, the user gets annoyed and leaves the page to find out other faster and more user-friendly websites.   


    You can optimize the image by compressing them with the help of tools. Do not use too many images, use .jpeg images and avoid .png images, as they are heavier in size. Take professional help for the job if needed. 

  • Optimize Videos

    Use video compressor tools to compress your videos before loading them to websites, to avoid the impact of page load speed. If videos are heavy then the page will take more time to load. 


  • Reduce 301 Redirects

    Redirects take more time to load. Avoid using redirects unless it is necessary. You can direct your visitors straight to your websites. 


  • Reduce HTTP Requests

    A webpage contains files, images, videos, APIs, etc. To load all these on a server, HTTP permission is required. More the number of files, images and other elements, more time your user will have to wait for your page to load. So, remove all unnecessary HTTP requests to improve your web page speed.


  • Use AJAX

    Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) helps in boosting page load speed. Ajax is a technique that reduces the traffic that travels between the client and the server. The response time is faster, so it helps in increasing speed and performance. 

  • Server Response Time

    Evaluate the server response time. Look for issues that are affecting the server speed. Check the memory and slow routing, etc. If there is not enough memory, then it can drop the speed of the server severely. Fix all these issues to improve website load time. 

  • Page Caching

    Cached pages help in improving the load time of website content. Use plugins and websites to serve your cached pages. Page caching plugin can be used for quick loading of pages. Optimize your page cache and ensure your browser is using local memory.

  • Use CDN

    Use of CDN (Content Delivery Network) can increase website loading time. 


All of the above points are very crucial while developing a website. These should be taken care of right from the beginning else it becomes a cumbersome job if done after the website is live. It becomes a time-consuming process, and by the time you complete everything, you already have a bad reputation in the market for the poor performance of your website, which is due to the load time. So, make sure you implement all the points carefully and skilfully before your website goes live, hoping to achieve for a successful business online. You can also hire the best professional SEO experts in India to reach your online goals easily and effectively.